dancers in plastic balls, dance in bubble

Eldile bubble satge solo Scala Variete

31/12/2011 – Fritzlar, Germany


spectacle danse dans des bulles, performance dansée avec des ballons,

Eldile duo dance in bubbles – White Christmas at Mall Kelapa Gading

23 to 31/12/2011 – Jakarta, Indonesia


dance and hula hoop with bubble

Eldile duo in bubbles & acro dance hula-hoop– 40th birthday SchneiderForm

25/11/2011 – Kirchheim, Germany

Pictures Marc Christakidis


schwimmende Kugeln

akrobatische und tänzerische Performances
Ball auf dem Wasser
Leistung Tänzerinnen in transparenten Bällen

Onde oceane duo floating bubbles on water - Opening Aquapark Termy Maltanskie

16/10/2011 – Poznan, Poland


bubble show events,

Nebule Swing walk-act in bubbles – Best of Events

19-20/10/2011 – Salzburg, Austria


bubble choreography, bubble dance

Nebule Swing trio show in plastic balls– Berliner Volksbank

11/08/2011 – Berlin, Germany


bubble dance show,
act ball dance,

Eldile solo dance in a sphere – Stage Diven

11/08/2011 – BKA Theater – Berlin, Germany


Eldile duo – opening JBZ hospital

24/06/2011 – ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands


bubble show,

Eldile trio with 1 transparent sphere & 2 stilt walkers – Bal du Masque – Summer Darkness

29/07/2011 – Utrecht, Netherlands

Pictures Gertjan van der Loo - pixiephoto and Juri's Verbeelding


animation bulle, deambulation ballons, danse dans bulle,

Nebula Swing animation show in a transparent ball – Sommerfest

18/06/2011 – Dobbertine, Germany


mime and dance in plastic bubble,

Eldile solo in bubble with the famous singer Jay Alexander – 125 anniversary Dentaurum

28/05/2011 – Pforhzeim, Germany


spectacle déambulation bulle,

Nebule Swing trio dance animation in plastic balls – Shopping Festival

13-14/05/2011 – Hong Kong


juggling in bubble, swinging bubble danse

Sensia duo hula-hoop & swinging in 2 big bubbles - Gala JEVTANA

05/04/2011 - Leipzig, Germany


danse bulle

Eldile - solo dance act in ball

Party Chrono

02/02/2011 - Kuurne, Belgium


spectacle bulle mariage

Eldile - show animation with 8 dancers in transparent bubbles


28/01/2011 - Udaipur, India


show with hula hoop in the bubble,

Sensia Hula-hoop in a bubble

AEB International Artists and Event Exhibition

09-10/01/2011 - Eindhoven, Netherlands


aerial act with bubble dancers.

Passage Traiasc trio aerial acrobat with tissus & 2 bubble dancers

50 years anniversary of FoedererDFK accountants & consultants

07 & 08/01/2011 - Veldhoven, Netherlands